Congrats Preston High Football. First playoff appearance since 2008!

Advertising Opportunities

 Radio is MOBILE. Customers can be influenced almost anywhere they go; car, office, on the way to shopping. In fact, the average listener spends 3½ hours per weekday and 5 hours per weekend day with the radio. That is a lot of time to tell them about your products.

Radio is a FREQUENCY medium. Because of the low cost per commercial, you can buy a lot of commercials. The more a consumer hears your message, the more likely they are to act.

Radio is TARGETED. You can reach a very specific market to match your product. More of your money goes to your hottest prospects with a lot less waste!

Radio = TIMING. Radio’s prime time corresponds to prime shopping time. In fact, 75% of all retail purchases occur between the hours of 6am and 7pm. Further, 55% of all consumers listen to radio within one hour of their largest purchase of the day.

Radio is EFFICIENT. The average cost-per-thousand of radio has gone up less than any other medium over the past ten years. Radio continues to deliver big results for a small investment.

Radio is THEATER OF THE MIND. By utilizing the listeners imagination, you can demonstrate a product, travel to exotic places, or do a side by side comparison.



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